Artist Carmel Sayer 2014

Carmel Sayer

Artist – Art Educator.

Carmel Sayer uses amultidisciplinaryapproach to explore the relationship between post modern global society and the diminishment of human spirituality. 

Sayers interest in spirituality has pushed her to review the methods in which spiritual freedom is obtained, and the impact that has on artistic freedom when exploring concepts publicly.  

Sayer is a graduate of the National Art School, She has lectured in the field of Fine Art, and taken roles as Project manager, Facilitator and Community Artist in the Peel region, Western Australia. 

Sayer is award winning in both painting and sculpture.In 2017, Sayer completed a twelve month residency at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah. In 2019, Sayer exhibited in the Alternative Archive – a statewide series of interconnected group exhibitions in Western Australia. Later in 2019, Sayer transitioned to a multi-disciplined approach through sculpture, animation, projection, audio and installation to explore the relationship between spiritual freedom and mental health in her exhibition Joyful Intelligence. Sayer will present an extension of current concepts in Transition at CASM in 2021.